How many of us were told to “stop thinking about it” or “it’s time to let it go.”  How many of us were not given a chance to grieve?  How many of us had no one with whom to share our loss or grief or shame?

For 31 years I have shoved all my feelings into a box, not willing to admit I had any feelings about my abortion at all.  I am now embracing my feelings, allowing God to use them for good.  Tears are not easy for me – I feel vulnerable and out of control.  But tears are softening my heart of stone.  Dr. Larry Day has said it so well:

“Our heart may be full of tears and it would benefit us greatly if we gave ourselves permission to cry again; to let those tears out. As water softens hardened soil, so tears soften a hardened heart. Prayers and tears from the heart are God’s gift for healing.”

When have you last allowed yourself to cry, to really cry?

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