Psalm 34 18


This is a neutral, nonjudgmental place to talk about the effects our abortions have had on us. People don’t agree about abortion, and that’s okay. It is our choice to agree or disagree; hopefully, we do our own research and get all the facts before we make that decision.

This is not a place to discuss or argue for or against abortion. Nor is it a place to discuss or argue about whether abortion psychologically damages women. It hurt me, and it has hurt many, many other women. The trauma was real. I did not suffer trauma because I am a weak person. I suffered trauma because one day many years ago I chose to end the life of my unborn child.

But beauty has arisen from the ashes. I now walk with women and men as they seek healing from the trauma abortion has caused in their lives.

My heart’s cry is to see healing in all who have been hurt. Whether you were the one who underwent the abortion, or you are the father, friend, grandparent… you were affected. There is hope and there is healing.

Comfort from Heaven

ImageI found this on the facebook page “Heaven Is For Real.”  It speaks volumes.  Our children are in heaven, on assignment, complete in God’s love, and looking forward to the day when we will be reunited with them.  That brings great comfort to me.



Sharing about Fetal Development


A baby’s heart begins to beat about 21 days after conception.


How many of us were told to “stop thinking about it” or “it’s time to let it go.”  How many of us were not given a chance to grieve?  How many of us had no one with whom to share our loss or grief or shame?

For 31 years I have shoved all my feelings into a box, not willing to admit I had any feelings about my abortion at all.  I am now embracing my feelings, allowing God to use them for good.  Tears are not easy for me – I feel vulnerable and out of control.  But tears are softening my heart of stone.  Dr. Larry Day has said it so well:

“Our heart may be full of tears and it would benefit us greatly if we gave ourselves permission to cry again; to let those tears out. As water softens hardened soil, so tears soften a hardened heart. Prayers and tears from the heart are God’s gift for healing.”

When have you last allowed yourself to cry, to really cry?